10 4th of July Party Must-Haves

The weather is warming up and when you step outside you may even smell the delicious aroma of BBQ wafting through the air. And that can only mean ONE thing: the Fourth of July is right around the corner! We don’t know about you, but around here, Independence Day is really when it starts to feel like summer. So this year we’re going to help you throw an amazing 4th of July bash! 

Don’t leave party planning to the last minute! If you’ve been thinking about hosting a party, but haven’t sent out invites yet, consider this your sign! July 4th is such a popular holiday, you don’t want to get stuck with 2 RSVP’s because everyone was tied up with other plans! If you’re not sure where to start with party planning, check out our list of 10 things you don’t want to forget for your 4th of July party– it’s a great place to start!

For the Grill

4th of july party must-haves: man grilling on a grill

If you’re planning to join the millions of Americans who will be sparking up the grill this July 4th, make sure you have everything you need to prep, cook, and eat in style! Here are some of our favorite accessories for the BBQ:

Easy to Flip BBQ Skewer Rack

Kabobs on the menu this year? Don’t be intimidated! This easy-to-flip skewer rack makes grilling the perfect kabobs so easy, you could do it without ever putting down your beer!

Compostable 4th of July Plates

Want to make your July 4th party eco-friendly? We’re here for it! These square, compostable paper plates have a cute, minimalist flag design AND are made from eco-friendly plant fibers! Plus, this 100-count pack will probably last you through 2023! 

Charcoal Electric Lighter & Firestarter

Consider this electric firestarter your new BBQ bff. Just like a magic wand, this tool will light your charcoal, briquettes, wood logs, pellets, and more within 60 seconds. Bye, lighter fluid flavor in your burgers! Trust us, once you use this, you’ll never look at grilling the same! 

For the Drinks

drinks for your 4th of july party

Optima Chill Cell Beverage Dispenser

We know how frustrating it can be to mix up the perfect 4th of July margarita for your guests, only to have it totally diluted by all the ice in the beverage dispenser! The Optima Chill Cell actually keeps drinks cold without diluted ice or condensation using a special chamber that keeps the ice separate from your mixed drink! Your guests will love enjoying their ice-cold drinks without the melted ice!

Inflatable Outdoor Buffet Cooler

Want a fun way to keep drinks and food chilled while on display outside? Not only is this patriotic outdoor buffet cooler huge, but it’s easy to set up! Simply inflate, fill with ice, and bam! When you’re done, dump the ice and deflate until your next party. It also doubles as a cooler for picnics or even at the beach! 

For the Decor

4th of july party decor ideas, american flag in woman's hand

Outdoor Party Lights

Nothing screams a backyard party more than party lights! Snag a few strands of these LED warm white string lights for your decor and your space will instantly feel more festive! 

Handheld American Flags

Everyone can join in on the patriotic fun with a handheld flag! Whether you’re going to watch a 4th of July parade, or gathering around to watch fireworks, waving the American flag is all part of the July 4th fun! This pack of 60 flags supports American veterans, and they’re even made in the US! 

Bean Bag Toss Game

Make sure to include a couple of activities for your guests to enjoy (besides hanging out by the drinks cooler) like cornhole! It’s perfect for guests of all ages, and you could even host a bean bag toss tournament for a little friendly competition among friends and family. 

For Your Guests

Fourth of July party crowns - Happy fourth

4th of July Party Crown

Encourage your guests to join in the patriotic fun by having 4th of July party crowns on hand! You could pass them out as people arrive to your party, or arrange them near the snacks table or games area. They’ll love the fun design and comfortable feel, perfect for all-day wear!

Supergoop Play Everyday SPF 50 Lotion

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING is worse than getting sunburnt from a day out in the sun. While your guests may have forgotten to lather up before the party, having a big tub of SPF 50 on hand will make things so much easier (and more comfortable). We love this formula because it comes in an 18 oz. container, has a pump for easy use, AND is water/sweat-resistant for 80 minutes! 

We hope that our list of things you don’t want to forget will help you while planning your 4th of July party and kick off summer with a bang! If you loved this post, check out our other 4th of July planning ideas here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And if you want to see even more party crowns and accessories, click here to view our Shopify!

Xoxo Festivegal