10 Spring Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Remember when planning your birthday party was something you looked forward to all year long? As we get more birthdays under our belts, the ideas and excitement start to dwindle!

We want to help you start looking forward to planning your birthday parties again. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive--it can really be something as simple as brunch on your favorite patio or a fun game night! If you’re looking for a fun, unique idea for your adult birthday this year, keep reading. 

But first, let's talk birthday party accessories!

Did Someone Say Birthday Party Accessories?

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Alright, now on to the festivities!

Pub crawl

Whether you want to call it a pub crawl, a craft brewery crawl, or a cocktail bar crawl, the general idea is always the same: visit multiple bars and enjoy unique drinks and time with friends.

For some reason, visiting multiple locations in one night always feels more special than just going out to one bar, so it’s perfect for celebrating your birthday. If possible, try choosing places that are near to each other so your group can walk from one location to the next. There’s nothing like enjoying a fresh spring evening while doing a pub crawl! 

Styled Picnic

Styled picnics have really been gaining popularity recently, and what better way to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather than with an afternoon outside! And no, we’re not talking about a cooler and an old towel from the back of your car. We’re talking about hiring someone to set up a styled picnic for you and your friends!

There are styled picnic companies popping up everywhere, so chances are there’s one in your area or not too far away! And if you’re asking yourself if it’s worth it… YES, it is. These styled picnics come with blankets, tables, plush pillows, candles, gorgeous plates, and are customized to your specifications! There are some that have additional add-ons like board games or a movie projector setup. Trust us, this is definitely a birthday you won’t forget! 

Murder Mystery Party 

Murder mystery parties are so much fun! Since everyone has a goal, it takes care of any awkwardness that might occur when you invite people from different friend groups to your party. Whether you’re going for a corporate conference murder mystery, an 80’s murder mystery, or a Gatsby-themed murder mystery, there’s a game for you.

If you want an easy party theme, these are like a party in a box! They come with everything you need to set up, all you need to worry about is the food and the location. 

Wine and Cheese Game Night

Do you feel like you’d prefer a night at home, enjoying some delicious cheese while sipping on your favorite wine with your closest friends? We get it!

A wine and cheese game night is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday with an intimate group. Make it unique by asking everyone to bring a new wine they haven’t tried before, or have everyone bring their favorite wine and cheese pairing! Then, try buying a few new games before the party so that you can all experience new games together! We love Cards Against Humanity and Buzzfeed's First and Last!

Plant Swap or Gardening Party

For our green thumb-readers, we didn’t forget about you! If you love being outside in your garden, turn that into a party!

Celebrate your hard work by having an outdoor garden party, and invite everyone to bring a plant for a plant swap! Whether your friends are plant-lovers or not, they’ll all leave the party with a new plant and plenty of inspiration for their own home gardens. 

Brunch on your favorite Patio

Looking for a low-key birthday celebration that doesn’t require too much planning or hosting on your part? Take advantage of the spring sunshine and invite your friend group to have brunch at your favorite patio restaurant! Sometimes, gathering around the table and celebrating being together is the best way to ring in another trip around the sun. 

Poker Night

There’s nothing better than a bit of healthy competition for your birthday, right? Whether you know how to play Poker or not, having everyone over for a Poker night is bound to be a ton of fun.

Chances are, someone in your friend group knows how to play poker. So, go buy a few packs of Poker chips, some decks of cards, and get ready for a blast! You could have prizes at the end of the night for your high-rolling friends to take home or you could stick with tradition and make small (or big) bets each round!

Hopefully, this list helped you start looking forward to your birthday instead of dreading it! We want to celebrate with you, so follow and tag us on Instagram if you plan one of these ideas! And lastly, if you want to see the rest of our birthday party accessories, click here to view our Shopify and here to view our Etsy!