13 Going on 30 Birthday Party Ideas

Are you turning 30 this year? Woohoo! It may feel like 30 is SO much older, but don’t fret! We’re here to tell you that you can DEFINITELY still have fun in your 30’s. Honestly, your 30’s are a lot like your 20’s, except you actually have money to do alllll the fun things! Kick off your 30th birthday year with a blast from the past– a 13 Going on 30-themed birthday party! Your friends will love the throwback, and with our planning guide, you don’t have to worry about coming up with any party ideas! Start taking notes! 

What to Wear

13 going on thirty birthday party accessories

30th Birthday Party Crowns

First things first, we want everyone to participate in celebrating your dirty 30th! Festivegal’s 30th birthday party crowns make it super easy for everyone to feel included and on-theme! Lean into the 2000’s throwback vibes and send out paper invites with a party crown for each of your girlfriends! Or, pass them out to everyone as they arrive! They also make the perfect photobooth accessory, especially for group photos! Love!

Jenna Rink-inspired Outfits

13 going on thirty outfit ideas

There were SO many iconic outfits in this movie, why pick just one? Ask your party guests to each come in a Jenna-inspired outfit (played by Jennifer Garner)! As the birthday girl, you get first pick! Our favorite outfit from the film? Jenna’s rainbow color-block dress, which you can actually get online right now! Include some screenshots of Jenna’s other amazing outfits throughout the movie, like her floral-print dress, her all-pink ensemble (don’t forget the matching cardigan), and her lingerie slip + Nanette Lepore polka dot coat. Inviting a big group? Don’t worry! Just ask people to come in their 2000’s best (hair & makeup encouraged)! 

Thirtieth birthday party crowns

What to Eat

Keep it simple so you can enjoy the party, instead of getting stuck behind the sink doing dishes all night! Order some pizzas, or buy pizza dough and let everyone make their own! Plus, nothing screams 2000’s birthday party like a ton of popcorn! Want to go beyond basic butter? Pick up some popcorn seasonings and have a popcorn tasting table! 

photo of birthday cake with candles

Oh, and as far as sweets and treats go, your 13 Going on 30 party won't be complete without some bags of Razzels! And don’t forget about the cake! Pick your favorite cake and top it with a super cute 30th birthday-themed cake topper!

dirty thirty acrylic birthday cake topper


What to Do

photo booth at birthday party

Photo Booth

Pick a blank wall in your space and decorate it to make the perfect Photo Booth backdrop! Encourage your friends to snap a selfie or pile in for a fun group photo! Choose brightly-colored balloons, streamers, and sparkly backdrops for the ultimate 2000’s vibe. Make sure everyone’s wearing their party crowns to match! 


A dollhouse doubles as both themed decor AND a fun activity! Set up a dollhouse on a table at your place, just like Jenna’s! Place a polaroid camera next to the dollhouse, and you and your guests can take turns creating cute scenes to re-enact the movie! Don’t have a dollhouse anymore? Head to your local thrift store for loads of options– and after the party, donate it to a children’s shelter or hold on to it for the mems! 

Classic 2000’s Sleepover Games

Ok, we’re not encouraging you to play Spin the Bottle or 7 Minutes in Heaven (unless you want to, no judgment here), but a great game of Truth or Dare is always fun! Head to your local library and thrift stores to find some early-2000’s magazines– think Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue, and play some of those fun quizzes as a group! 

13 Going on 30 Birthday Extras

13 going on 30 birthday party ideas - birthday cards

Are you invited to a 30th birthday party soon? We have the perfect 13 Going on 30 birthday card ideas for you! Your friend will LOVE getting a throwback reminder to the first time they watched our fave Y2K classic. And if watching ‘13 Going on 30’ wasn’t on the party’s agenda before, it sure will be after seeing your card

We hope you loved our 13 Going on 30 birthday party ideas for your 30th birthday, and we hope throwing a fun party will start your 30’s on the right foot! If you want even more fun birthday party theme ideas, click here! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with us daily! And if you want to shop even more birthday party crowns, click here to go to our Shopify!