30th Birthday Party Accessories & Gift Ideas

It's your dirty 30 and you'll cry if you want to! Just kidding, don't cry! Celebrate! It's time to party--your 30's are your time to shine. You're finally comfortable in your skin, in with a group of lifelong pals that care about your well-being, know (for the most part) what you want in life, AND have more than likely stopped caring altogether what others think about you! Your 30's are a time to relax and embrace your sexiness without the stress of having to impress anyone. 

With all of that being said, you HAVE to celebrate your 30th birthday in style. Kiss your 20's goodbye with a BANG. Good riddance! 

Am I over-doing it? Sorry, I'm just really passionate about this! So many people think their lives are over when they turn 30 when in reality, your life has just begun! Let me help you celebrate the right way. Here's a list of my favorite 30th birthday party accessories & some amazing 30th birthday gift ideas!

30th Birthday Party Accessories for All my Super Hot & Nearly 30 Year old Pals

 13 Going on 30 Inspired Party Crown

13 going on 30 birthday party accessories

The ultimate movie for any soon to be 13 or 30 year old, "13 going on 30," is the perfect birthday party theme ALWAYS. If Jennifer Garner saw you in this crown on your birthday, she would be so proud. Click here to grab this adorable 30th birthday party crown from my Etsy shop!

The Classic Dirty Thirty

It's time to get down and dirty for your 30th birthday ladies! If you're going to have a crazy night on the town and want to strut your birthday girl stuff, you know what you need to do! Grab one of these Dirty Thirty birthday party crowns for you or your friend's upcoming 30th birthday here on my etsy shop!

Adios to my 20s, Mis Amigas!


If you're a margarita drinking taco lover or even if you just appreciate Latin American culture, you'll love this "Adios to my 20s" birthday party crown! Head to your local Mexican restaurant or make some chilaquiles at home with your Spanish inspired birthday party crown and kiss your 20s good bye the right way: with a margarita in hand! Grab one by clicking here to visit my etsy shop!

Say It Loud, Say It Proud: Thirty AF Party Crown

I can't get over how HOT you're going to look in this "Thirty AF" birthday party crown. There's nothing more sexy than confidence! Celebrate your 30th with pride & grab one of these 30th birthday party crowns on my Etsy by clicking here!

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Dirty Thirty Acrylic Cake Topper

Have a friend that's bummed about turning 30 soon? Turn their frown upside down by giving them a pre-birthday gift bag with this cake topper and a matching party crown (seen above) to lift their spirits & help them get into the celebrating mood! Grab one here on my Etsy!

13 going on 30 Themed Birthday Cards

If you're buying a birthday gift for your friend's 30th birthday, then you might as well grab them a card while you're at it! We have these two "13 going on 30" themed birthday cards and SO much more both in our etsy shop, and here on our Shopify! If you want to go ahead and grab one of our "You're 30!?" cards, click here & if you'd like to grab one of our "Thirty Flirty and Thriving cards," click here!

I hope we've got you super excited for you or your friend's upcoming 30th birthday! It will be amazing! If you end up purchasing any of our products to help celebrate, please snap a pic and tag us on Instagram! We love featuring our customers on our story! In the meantime, I hope you have an amazing 30th birthday!