5 Fun Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Who doesn't love a fall birthday party? The weather is amazing, the vibes are immaculate, and the holidays are just around the corner--but not too close to complicate Christmas presents! 

If you've got a fall birthday and you're looking for birthday party ideas, this blog post is for you! Keep scrolling to see our fave fall birthday party ideas!

1. Bonfire with Friends

Bonfire with friends

Bonfire's are the epitome of fall. There's nothing cozier or more fun that having a bonfire in your backyard while sipping on hot chocolate and roasting s'mores with your besties. This party idea is great for both kids and adults. If you're an adult, add some fun drinks to the menu! If you're hosting for a kid, make sure you have a fun, fall themed birthday cake! Such a flexible, fun birthday party idea. You HAVE to tell ghost stories by the campfire or it simply doesn't count!

2. Pumpkin carving and Hot Toddy's

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving isn't just for kids! It's one of the most iconic ways to celebrate fall for all ages. Grab some pumpkins at your local nursery or farmers market, pick up some honey, whiskey, and lemons on your way home, and you're ready for a fun fall birthday party. Be sure to carve the pumpkins first--you don't want anyone accidentally cutting themself after a few Hot Toddy's! Cap off the night with some pumpkin pie and go to bed knowing you just hosted the best fall birthday party quite possibly EVER. 

3. A night on the Vineyard

A night on the vineyard

Anything outdoors when the weather is below 75 degrees screams fall to me, so taking yourself and friends to a vineyard to celebrate your special day will be a breeze (haha, get it? Breeze--like the fall weather). Get a little tipsy and order a few seasonal small plates to set the fall mood. It'll be a birthday to remember--vineyard views are always so gorgeous. 

4. Halloween Movie Night at the Drive in

Halloween movie night at the drive in

For whatever reason, the drive in feels super fall to me! I love seeing spooky movies with my windows rolled down and Halloween candy in hand. If you're wanting to do something a bit more chill for your fall birthday party, this is the perfect option! Pick a spooky movie, roll up with your friends, and bring some lawn chairs with you so you can all enjoy the movie together in the parking lot. This birthday party will not disappoint! Especially if you're seeing a classic Halloween movie!

5. A Fall Themed Picnic at the Park

Fall themed picnic at the park

Watch the leaves change as you sip your mimosas and revel in the crisp fall breeze with your closest pals. If you don't feel like setting up your own picnic, hire a picnic company to set one up for you. If you're more of a DIY-er, head over to your local farmer's market to grab some seasonal goodies before you lay your picnic blanket down on the grass at your local green space! 

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