Back To School Ideas for Elementary Teachers

It's almost time to go back to school! Can you believe that summer is already almost over? I feel like this year has totally blown by. As a former teacher, I sometimes miss getting ready to go back to school. It can be so much fun to have something to prepare for and look forward to! So, for that reason, I would love to give y'all some of my favorite back to school tips & all of my best back to school advice!

1. Start on the right foot with your students!

No kid wants to go back to a boring classroom! It is so important for you to connect with your students when they come back to school as an Elementary teacher! Time is of the essence! You have to make an amazing first impression so that your students are excited to get back to learning! The momentum from a great start to the school year can carry a classroom all the way to fall break, EASY!

So, how can you wow your students when they come back to school this fall? You're just an elementary teacher after all! Just kidding, you're a total hero! So, why not dress like one? We have some great back to school teacher party crowns that will blow your students away on their first day of school! 

The "I Love my Students" Crown

I love my students party crown for elementary teachers going back to school

What better way to start off the school year than to let your students know that you ALREADY love them?? Fill your classroom with love this school year and let your adorable students know that they are in a safe space with you! I promise they'll love it! And don't forget, you can choose your own colors at check out or create your own customized party crown!

The "Queen of the Classroom" Party Headband

Back to school Ideas Queen of The Classroom Party Crown

Let your students know who's boss with this party crown! Just kidding, they'll feel blessed to be in the presence of royalty on their first day back to school. All of your little princes and princesses will be so excited that their elementery teacher is a queen! All of the other students will be so jealous! You can change the colors of this crown as well or create your own custom party crown!


2. Make Sure your classroom decor is up to date!

No one wants to have to teach in a musty old classroom all year! Make sure that you grab some fun classroom decorations to spruce it up before you head back to school this fall! I'll some of my favorite classroom decorations below!

Grab some fake plants!

Fake plant from Target

Spruce up your classroom when you go back to school this fall with some adorable, low maintenance fake plants! Artificial plants are great because they don't require any maintenance, they bring a pop of color to your classroom, and won't cause any allergic reactions from seasonal allergy sufferers! Find this classroom decoration and more like it on target's website!

Grab some cute wall hangings! Bonus points if they're educational! 

Target wall hanging

Let your students go to know you a bit better! Show off your personal style in the classroom by grabbing some cute wall hangings before you go back to school this fall! Classroom decorations don't always have to be maps and chalkboards. If you're a boho decor fan, grab some boho classroom decorations. If you're a farmhouse decor fan, grab some farmhouse classroom decorations! The options are infinite! Don't just stick with traditional classroom decor this year, bring a bit of your personality into the classroom & share it with your students! Find this wall hanging & others on the target website!

3. Organization Ideas for your spectacularly decorated classroom!

Staying organized can be hard when you're an elementary school teacher. You have so many students to keep track of! Head back to school confidently this year with a plan to stay organized! Here are a few classroom organization ideas for you before you head back to school this fall!

Grab a few rolling carts for storage!

 Rolling cart for classroom organization

These three tiered rolling carts are perfect for classroom organization! You can store all sorts of arts and crafts supplies for the classroom in them AND they're only $16.99 a piece from Target! You'll always know where loose paper, crayons, and extra pencils are with this amazing classroom organization rack!

Grab some cute file folders as well!

Cute file folders from target

This classroom organization is hack is cute AND practical! What better way to keep track of homework assignments and lesson plans than by organizing them with these adorable filing folders! Who needs manila when you can have pink, baby blue, and cream with gold accents? We've already established that you're the queen of the classroom, so you may as well look the part! Make organization easy when you head back to school this fall with these filing folders from Target!


I hope you've had a great summer!

I also hope that these back to school ideas have helped you plan and feel prepared to return to the classroom this fall! You're an amazing teacher and I know that you're going to totally rock this school year! Good luck!

If you're interested in back to school accessories for students or yourself, click here to check out my back to school party crowns! Go back to school this fall in style & tag me in any pics you post on instagram! I love featuring customers on my story!