Christmas Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers

Halloween has come and gone and now it's officially Holiday season! We've posted the Halloween classroom decoration ideas, the Thanksgiving classroom decoration ideas and now it's time to post our Christmas classroom decoration ideas! So, if you're a teacher and you're looking for Christmas or Holiday classroom decoration ideas, buckle up and get ready! Don't forget to save this post to your holiday classroom board and follow us on instagram for regular festive content!


holiday classroom snowflake decorations

Who doesn't love traditional paper snow flakes? They're both easy and cheap to make and make any room feel like the North Pole. Turn this holiday classroom decoration idea into an interactive classroom activity by getting your students to help you make them! All you'll need it some printer paper, scissors, and pencils to outline your designs. Your kids will absolutely love seeing their art hanging in the classroom and it will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Trees

Christmas tree classroom decoration

If you've got a big classroom, you can get a big artificial Christmas tree to put in the corner or if you've got a smaller classroom, you can get a small artificial tree to put on your desk or on top of a bookshelf. I do, however, recommend sticking with an artificial tree, because you never know if one of your students may have an allergy to a real one. This decoration idea can also provide a fun interactive classroom activity! Have your students create paper ornaments to put on the tree and have a tree decorating party the day before Christmas break!

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights for classroom

Christmas lights, string lights, year round lights, call them whatever you'd like! When you hang them up between the months of November and early January, they feel so much more magical. Bring some color and light into your classroom by stringing up some lights along the trim of the ceiling or around your desk to get your kids feeling jolly and bright!

Gingerbread Men & Women

Gingerbread man decorations

Yet another fun interactive holiday classroom activity. If you want some help decorating, spend a class period with your kids creating paper gingerbread men and women! You can use markers, construction paper and glitter to make them each unique and oh-so-adorable. Once there on the wall, there's no way that it won't feel like Christmas!


Christmas stockings

Grab some stockings from the dollar tree or amazon for all of your students and use some sparkle gel to put their name's on each one. Hang them up all in one spot or line them up around the classroom to get your students pumped for Christmas break! Bonus points if you fill them with sweet treats and "Happy Holiday" notes to take home with them on the last day of school.


Christmas wreath classroom decoration

Wreaths make every holiday feel more festive and you can find them just about anywhere! Grab one from target or make your own with supplies from Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Once you're done, hang it up on your classroom door to boost your student's spirits as they walk into the room. You can't go wrong with a wreath!

Holiday Classroom Management Accessories

If you're worried about classroom management over the holidays, consider finding some creative tools to keep your students both focused and excited. Here at Festivegal, we have tons of fun teacher headbands that help our teacher friends keep their classrooms in order. From Christmas crowns to year round crowns, we've got them all! Check out the ones below and if you like what you see, click here to browse all of our teacher crowns!

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