Cute Retro Cake Toppers for Your Next Birthday Cake

If your birthday is coming up and you're looking for a cute way to spruce up your birthday cake, then you should grab an acrylic cake topper! Acrylic cake toppers are all the rage right now, so don't miss out! Wondering where you can grab one? Don't sweat it! I've got all the options you could ever need on my etsy! Here are a few of my favorites!

The Classic: "Happy Birthday" Acrylic Cake Topper


Happy Birthday Acrylic Birthday Cake Topper

I mean come on, how cute is this adorable retro birthday cake topper? If you're a classic birthday girl or guy looking for the perfect birthday cake topper for your retro vibe, this is the one for you! If you want to grab your own, click here to purchase from my Etsy shop!

For the Comedians & Sassy Queens: "Eat Me" Birthday Cake Topper


Eat me acrylic birthday cake topper

Our "eat me" acrylic birthday cake topper is perfect for our birthday besties that want to get straight to the point! No dilly dallying, let's get straight to devouring this delicious birthday cake! Have your cake and eat it to by clicking here to buy this super cute gold cake topper from my Etsy shop while they're still available!

For the Young at Heart: "Young AF" Cake Topper

young AF acrylic birthday cake topper

"I wanna beeeeee foreeeever young!" Don't you? If so, this "Young AF" retro cake topper is right up your alley. Let all of your friends know that just because this is the 10th time you're turning 30, it doesn't mean you're any older than you were the first time! You're still young AF. No one can have a slice unless they agree! If you want this hip acrylic cake topper for your birthday cake, you can grab one by clicking here to visit my Etsy shop!

Custom Topper for Extra Special Birthdays

If you're a birthday girl or a birthday guy that isn't quite feeling any of our other cake toppers, then we've still got a great option for you! We offer custom acrylic cake toppers that you can have say whatever you want! We make everything by hand in our Sparkle Studio, so customizations are almost just as easy as our other options! If you want your own CUSTOM acrylic cake topper, click here to create your own! You deserve it!

If you end you end up buying one of our acrylic cake toppers, snap a pick and tag us on Instagram! We love sharing customer photos to our story every Wednesday and can wait to feature you!