Divorce Party Ideas! You're Free!

There ain't no party like a divorce party, ladies! Celebrate your newfound freedom in style--you deserve this! 

We aren't here to mock your ex. We're here to help you celebrate YOU. You're starting a totally new chapter in your life. That is so exciting & so worth celebrating. I'm a firm believer that every divorcée should have a Divorce Party to celebrate their new life as well as the wonderful opportunity to get to know themselves again, and maybe even find new love. 

As Michael A. from Katie Thurston's season of the bachelorette once said, "How special is it to be able to experience love more than once?" What a poet. We love him. Moving on! Here are some of my favorite divorce party ideas AND accessories!

Divorce Party Activity Ideas

 Plan a Trip with your Ladies!

Greece Divorce Party Trip

There's no better way to look ahead into your bright and exciting future than planning a trip with your best friends! Pick somewhere you've always wanted to go. Is there anywhere you always wanted to visit that your previous partner would never go with you? Is there anywhere that you need to create new memories to heal past wounds? Brainstorm with your ladies at your divorce party and set a tentative date! Heck, if you've got a small, adventurous group, go ahead and book your tickets! Y'all will have so much fun!

Sing Karaoke 

There's no better way to blow off some steam than by singing karaoke with close friends at the top of your lungs! You can go to a karaoke bar, buy your own karaoke machine for your house, or even just pull up karaoke on YouTube and sing sans mic! A very flexible yet fun activity that will boost your mood--no one can be sad while they're singing!

Marry Yourself

Have an impromptu wedding at your Divorce party and marry yourself! Grab a bouquet and some Champagne and have one of your friends be the officiant! Recite your vows and proclaim your self love. Now is the time to focus on YOU! Celebrate with a backyard reception wine and cheese night. Hang up some fairy lights and treat yourself!

Tinder Profile Set-up Party!

Invite your friends over and spend the first part of the night setting up your profile together and the second part of your night swiping together to find your first date as a newly single woman! Stage a photoshoot and have a bio writing competition--the best one wins a bottle of wine and will be featured on your profile! Once your set up is complete, share your phone screen to your TV and swipe through your potential dates on the big screen! Your goal for the end of the night? To have a first date set up, of course! It's time to get back out there and strut your stuff!

Divorce Party Accessories 

It wouldn't be a successful divorce party without divorce party accessories, now would it? Lucky for you, I'm a party queen and I've got just the stuff you need! Keep scrolling!

Thank U, Next!


This "Thank U, Next" divorce party crown is perfect for our sassy Ariana Grande fans out there! You'll look super cute at your divorce party AND you'll look amazing in your divorce party pics! If you want to grab one for yourself or a recently divorced friend, here's the link!

Bye Felicia!

Only a true comedian could pull off this divorce party crown, but you look pretty funny, so it just might be the perfect fit! Haha, who's the comedian now? Just kidding! This divorce party crown is not only hilarious, but also super cute! If you want to grab one for yourself or a newly single pal, here's the link!

Single AF


Thank you, Captain Obvious! Of course you're single AF, people in relationships don't GLOW the way that you are right now! If you want a divorce party crown that's a bit more simple and to the point, this one is your perfect match! Want to grab one for yourself or one of your newly single af pals? Here's the link!

Do none of the above crowns quite do it for you? No worries, my love! We have a ton of additional options in our etsy shop, just click here to browse and find your perfect match! Stay positive and have an amazing divorce party! Good things are coming your way. I can feel it! If you grab a party crown or party headband from our shop or etsy, be sure to take pics and tag us on Instagram! We love to feature our customers on our IG stories! Lots of love!