End of the School Year Party Ideas for Teachers

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end of another school year. Your students are probably getting excited about summer break, and you are too! If you’re looking for ways to channel all that energy, and celebrate your students, then throw an end-of-year party for the whole class! Not only will your students love you for it, but it’s a great way to celebrate all the hard work your students have put into this year. I mean, who doesn’t remember those last few weeks of school every year, and how much fun the parties were?! Make this a year to remember for your classroom with these 10 unique end of the school year party ideas! 

Set Up a Selfie Station

End of the school year party ideas for teachers

Everyone, and we mean everyone, LOVES to have their photos taken! Your students will enjoy coming up with hilarious group poses and solo shots! Create the ultimate selfie station with a plastic sheet or tablecloth for the backdrop, and add photo prop options for even more selfie fun! We love the idea of having a few different signs that say “I’m graduating from the __ grade! Class of ____!” Of course, you can’t have a selfie station without some crazy glasses, fun hats, and some cute party crowns to celebrate!

End of the school year party crowns for teachers

Game Day

Game day for last day of school ideas

Who doesn’t love a day filled with board games? Turn your classroom into the game room to celebrate the last days of school! We love multi-player games, like Sorry, Clue, Monopoly, and The Game of Life. If you don’t have enough board games in class, ask students to bring some of their favorites from home! You can also provide puzzles or a digital gaming console (like a Wii) for a wider variety of gaming options!

Outdoor Picnic

End of the schoolyear ideas, outdoor picnic

Celebrate the warmer weather with a class picnic! You don’t even have to leave the school grounds, just find a nice area to sit (preferably grassy) and bring some blankets outside! Finger-food snacks like veggie sticks, PB & J’s, and popcorn are the way to go for easy, mess-free eating! After the picnic, your students can play group games like Duck, Duck, Goose and 4-Square. This is a GREAT option for a high-energy class that might get too rambunctious within the classroom walls!

An End of Year Luau Party

End of the school year luau party

Feeling a bit inspired to take your classroom celebration to another level? Throw a luau party! Invite students to wear swimwear under their clothes and to bring towels, sunglasses, and beach balls! A luau party is a great way to showcase your creativity and let your students help! In the weeks leading up to the party, ask them to cut out shapes, like palm trees or sandcastles, out of paper to get them excited! Fun accessories like lei’s, plastic crabs and starfish, and party crowns, will get everyone in the Hawaiian spirit! 

Student appreciation crowns for teachers

PJ Day

PJ day end of the schoolyear party

Do you remember how much fun PJ days were at school? They were always our favorite days! Invite your students to wear their favorite PJ’s (you should too) and have them vote on some of their favorite movies to watch. Bring in fun snacks like popcorn, and ask everyone to bring a pillow and blanket for the ultimate PJ and movie day! 

Talent Show

Talent show end of the school year party ideas

Let your students show off their special skills with a classroom talent show! Hold sign-ups a few weeks before the end of the school year, and remind everyone to start practicing their special skills! A talent show is perfect for all age groups, and anyone can participate! For older students, ask a few of them to help you organize and emcee the show! Our favorite accessory for a talent show? A party crown that shows the students on stage just how much you love them! 

I love my students party crowns for teachers

Ice Cream Party

Ice cream party for end of the school year

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! That saying still rings as true as it did when we first heard it as kids! Bring in a variety of ice cream flavors and ice cream sundae toppings for a totally delicious end of the year party! Don’t forget to bring a few non-dairy options for any students who may be sensitive or allergic to dairy products! 

Indoor Camping

Indoor camping for end of the school year

Get your students excited about their summer adventures with an indoor camping day! There are SO many fun camping-related activities, like S’Mores (not over an open flame, of course), Magnetic Fishing, and even setting up an in-class scavenger hunt! If you have a larger class, offer different activities in a rotation-style, so that everyone gets a chance to experience each activity. 

Classroom Carnival

Classroom Carnival for end of the school year party

We always LOVED our school carnivals! Bring a fun, festive vibe to your classroom’s end of year party with a carnival theme! Have students help set up carnival games like Bean Bag Toss, Balloon Pop, or Pick a Duck! Want something a little more education-based? How about teaching the science behind the famous Water Coin Drop game? Serve carnival food, like hot dogs, popcorn, and lollipops for a truly festive day! 

Add-On Activity: Writing Welcome Notes for Next Year’s Class

Welcome notes as an end of the school year party idea

What better way to end the year than writing a letter to next year’s class? Add this thoughtful activity to any of the party ideas above! This is a great way to get your students reflecting back on the year, and a great way for you to get some feedback on what stood out the most to them. Plus, next year’s students will feel so welcomed with a kind letter from the older group! Keep this activity fun with party accessories, like fun pencils, cute paper and stickers, and party crowns

Student appreciation end of the school year party crown for teachers

I hope that all of our End of the school year ideas (and accessories) help you plan your last day of school! If you like what you’ve read here on the blog, check out our other Teacher tips & Classroom Ideas here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And lastly, if you want to see the rest of our End of the School Year Party Accessories, click here to view our shopify and here to view our etsy!


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