Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Itinerary

It’s time to start planning one of the most fun parts of your engagement–a final fiesta bachelorette party!! If you’re looking for some amazing destination bachelorette party spots, look no further than this post. We gathered the best of the best for your final fiesta bachelorette party. Now the only thing left to do is decide where to go! So, invite your gals over for a planning night (complete with margs, of course) and start booking! 


Cancun as a travel destination for your final fiesta bachelorette party

A final fiesta bachelorette party in Cancun is alllll about the sandy white beaches and the turquoise blue waters! Throw in the amazing spas, the endless margs, and the delicious food and you can see why Cancun is such a hot spot for bachelorette parties! Let everyone know you’re ready to party with these fun “Let’s Fiesta” party crowns!

Let's fiesta party crown for final fiesta bachelorette party

Restaurant: Cambalache

Cambalache is actually an Argentinian steakhouse that is part of an upscale Mexican restaurant chain! They have delicious food and amazing service! Due to it’s popularity, definitely make reservations (especially for larger groups)!

Hotel: Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun

Perfect if you’re looking for a spot to have a great time at a party-friendly resort. Live Aqua Beach Resort has a perfect beachfront location and gorgeous suites! They’re super close to high-end shopping, and on Saturday nights they even have an in-resort DJ to help you and your girlfriends party & live it up for your final fiesta.

St. Barth’s 

St. Barth's as a travel destination for your final fiesta bachelorette party

Ready to splurge on your final fiesta? Then head to St. Barth’s, ladies! The perfect mix of elegance and fun! With cultural activities running year-round, plus amazing beaches and delicious restaurants, there won’t be a dull moment! Hitting up the closest bar for some margaritas while you’re there? Don’t forget to bring along these cute party crowns

Final fiesta bachelorette party accessories

Hotel: Pearl Beach St. Barth’s

This chic, tiny 14-room boutique hotel is the definition of St. Barth’s hotels! Located on a gorgeous stretch of white sandy beaches and lush gardens, Pearl Beach is perfect for luxury and relaxation! Don’t worry, they have plenty of activities as well, so no chance of getting bored here! 

Restaurant: 25 Quarters

For a unique take on Korean & Japanese street food, plus award-winning cocktails, 25 Quarters is the place to go! Want to keep the party going late into the night? Le Ti is the MUST-visit nightclub/costume party at Point Milou! It’s definitely a must-see if you’re going to St. Barth’s! 

Key West

Key West as a travel destination for your final fiesta bachelorette party

Want to leave your passport at home? Key West is the perfect place to get that island vibe in the continental U.S.! With a totally Insta-worthy town, cute beach-front shops, fresh seafood and more gorgeous beaches, we can hardly believe this amazing spot is so easily accessible! Feel like adding some punny accessories? Bring along these “Nacho Average Bride” party crowns and a sash for the bride to get everyone celebrating!

Nacho average bride party crown and bachelorette sash for final fiesta

Hotel: Margaritaville Key West

Just across the street from Smathers Beach and the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, Margaritaville Key West is a beautiful laid-back resort. We love that it’s well-kept, has great service, and is steps away from attractions like historic Old Town! Plus, they have on-site bars, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll find your next marg!

Restaurant: Fogarty’s

Head to Fogarty’s for classic Key West fare, like conch fritters and delicious, fresh seafood! And yes, they definitely have their can’t-miss Key Lime Pie on the dessert menu! Be sure to wear loose pants or a dress to this restaurant, because you're not going to want to stop eating!


Miami as a travel destination for your final fiesta bachelorette party

What do you get when you combine a vibrant city with world-famous beaches? The infamous Miami, Florida. Another passport-free option, Miami is an incredible mix of culture, parties, and stunning beaches that will never leave you bored! With so many amazing options, how can you narrow it down?! Here are our top picks! 

Hotel: Shelborne South Beach

Not only is Shelborne in the vibrant, party area of South Beach, but they have a package specifically for bachelorette parties! Book a cabana package for premium alcohol options at the pool all day long! 

Restaurant: Mandolin

Another amazing option, Mandolin is a Greek bistro with an all-you-can-drink package, perfect for larger groups. Plus, the food is absolutely delicious! Definitely grab reservations for this hot spot! And be prepared to party--you are in Miami, after all!


Tulum as a travel destination for your final fiesta bachelorette party

A far cry from Cancun, Tulum is definitely more of an ecotourism destination! So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, culture-filled bachelorette party, Tulum is the perfect destination. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in a visit to the famous Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, for a splash of history! 

Hotel: Hotel Papaya Playa Project, a Marriott Design Hotel

The Hotel Papaya Playa Project is a gorgeous hotel tucked on the Mayan Riviera, across from the only Mayan ruins on the sea! With cute beachside bungalows, this beautiful Marriott-run hotel is definitely one-of-a-kind. At night, a lively scene erupts with live music and an amazing cocktail and wine bar! Their nighttime vibe is renowned throughout Tulum, so get there early to grab a spot! 

Restaurant: Arca

Like many of the restaurants in Tulum, Arca is focused on sustainability and a minimal footprint, which only adds to the charm! With sand floors and using indigenous cooking methods, Arca’s food is micro-seasonal. If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Tulum, we can’t recommend this restaurant enough! 

Bonus: What to Pack

Besides party dresses, heels, flip flops, and swimsuits, what else is there to pack? Well, dress up your hotel room with some fun bachelorette party decorations, and let everyone know you’re celebrating your final fiesta with bachelorette-themed party crowns or mini sombreros

Mini sombreros and party crowns for final fiesta bachelorette party

I hope that our Final Fiesta bachelorette party ideas (and fun accessories) will help you and your besties plan an amazing final fiesta bash! Liked what you read here? Check out our other bachelorette posts here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And lastly, if you want to see the rest of our bachelorette party accessories, click here to view our Shopify!