First Day of School Tips for Teachers

Summer break is almost over and it's just about time to start heading back to school!

A few weeks ago I posted some amazing back to school tips for teachers including classroom decorations, classroom organization ideas, and back to school accessories--if you want to read that post click here! 

Today I want to cover a few of my favorite back to school hacks for how to start the school year off on the right foot. As a previous elementary school art teacher myself, there's one thing I did each year that always put my new students in an amazing mood: I wore a party crown to the first day of school and kept fun party headbands around the classroom throughout the year to boost my student's mood! 

If you're trying to boost the morale on a rainy day, trying to get your student's excited for a new lesson, or even trying to kindly remind your students that they need to raise their hand before they speak, teacher party crowns can help tremendously. They keep the mood light, your students excited, and they make you looks like the queen of the classroom that you are! Keep scrolling to see my favorite first day of school party crowns & other party crowns that work year round for teachers and students alike!

1. "Our Grade Rocks!" Customizable Teacher & Student Party Crowns

These adorable customizable party crowns are perfect for both students and teachers on the first day of school! If you want to sport your "Queen of the Classroom" party crown but don't want your students feeling left out, order these "Our Grade Rocks!" party headbands in bulk for all of your students to wear on their first day of school! Whether they're in first grade or 8th grade, we make the perfect, customized version for you and your students! Don't want to buy in bulk? Just grab one for yourself to show your kids some love when you go back to school this fall!

2. "Queen of the Classroom" Party crowns

How could I mention our adorable "Queen of the classroom" party crowns without showing you how cute they are? I had to throw a picture in just so you know how stylish you could be heading back to school this fall! Impress your new students with this adorable party crown & show them who's boss in the most playful, cute way!

3. "Attention Please" Teacher Party Crown

 Our "Attention Please" party crowns are the perfect teaching tool to keep in or around your desk at all times! As soon as you put it on, your kids will know that it's time to be quite, and focus on you! It's also perfect to keep a few extras if you're ever having your kids do group presentations. Let them wear their own so their fellow classmates know who they should be giving their attention to & to take some of the stress out of having to present in front of the entire class!

4. "You Got This!" Party crown

What better way to soothe an upset student than by gifting them one of these adorable "You Got This" party crowns? Keeping a few of these around throughout the year to give out to students that are having a bad day, needing a bit of extra encouragement, or feeling a bit homesick on their first day of school, is an amazing idea & will surely win you "Teach of the year!" Don't want your other students to feel left out? Grab one for yourself and put it on for your kids on tough days or hand these out to students having a tough time in private so that no one else gets jealous!


I hope that these back to school hacks have helped you feel more confident about the upcoming first day of school! If you want to grab one of our teacher headbands, then click on any of the links throughout this blog post or just go to our "Teacher Party Crowns" tab on the home page! I hope you have an amazing school year! Stay tuned for holiday themed party crowns!