Fun Easter Party Ideas For Kids

Easter is one of those holidays that can feel hard to plan. It always feels like it sneaks right up on us! Some schools have spring break during Easter week, which makes it even more tricky! If you’re struggling with Easter party ideas for kids, we came up with a few to help you out! Whether your kids love dying eggs, or prefer hunting for the candy-filled ones, we’ve got you covered!


Easter Egg Hunt

Organizing an egg hunt is the classic kid's Easter party activity. Whether you have an open field, a wooded area, or even a playground nearby, an Easter egg hunt is so easy to set up!

You could coordinate with your neighbors, and have a multi-house egg hunt on your block or in your apartment complex for additional hiding places! We love using a mix of real, colored eggs and plastic treat-filled eggs so that there are plenty of eggs to go around! Adding prizes to the mix might be fun for older kids--for example, whoever finds the one golden egg gets a $20 bill. Or, you could pair kids into teams and offer prizes to the teams who find the most eggs! 

Dying Easter Eggs

The other “half” of a classic Easter party is dying Easter eggs! Fair warning- this one can get messy, so it’s best for smaller groups, outdoor parties, or with plenty of parental supervision!

Now, dying eggs doesn’t have to mean using the typical dye. You could get stickers, or even plastic eggs to decorate. That way, you won’t have to worry about the sticky mess of broken eggs or permanent dye on your kitchen counters! Kids love letting their creativity shine, so make sure to have enough eggs (real or fake) so that everyone can have plenty of chances to express themselves! 

Bunny Themed Tea Party

If your child loves throwing tea parties, a bunny-themed tea party is the perfect way to celebrate Easter in style. Gather some plush bunnies to serve as additional guests around the table, and serve “bunny” food like carrot cupcakes and simple cucumber sandwiches (with the crust cut off, of course). Send guests off with a little goodie bag full of candy eggs as Easter bunny treats!

Pastel Brunch

Throwing a pastel brunch for Easter is best suited for older children. They have more of an appreciation for both yummy food and fashion and less of an appreciation for easter egg hunts.

A pastel brunch can really be as strict to the themed as you would like for it to be. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you're willing to devote to planning! Some fun ideas include asking everyone to dress in pastels, serving all pastel-toned foods, using blue butterfly pea flower tea for pastel blue drinks, or even having an art activity where everyone uses only pastel colors for their designs. We love the pastel brunch theme because it can easily be customized for whatever you and your child decide, while still looking beautiful and holiday appropriate! 

Easter Baked Goods swap

Who doesn’t love a baked goods swap? This fun theme is perfect for children’s parties (parents can make or purchase the baked goods) or even family parties where everyone is invited to join in the fun! Keep the baked goods Easter themed with things like carrot cake, lemon meringue pie, or chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs!

Just make sure everyone coordinates their chosen treats before the party so that you don’t end up with 6 carrot cakes the day after Easter! 

Easter Candy Buffet

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a table full of sugar!? All jokes aside, Easter definitely makes us think about chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and those little marshmallow birds!

An Easter candy buffet is a great way to still include candy in your Easter celebrations, especially if your home can’t accommodate an egg hunt party! We love the idea of giving everyone a big plastic Easter egg and sending them to the candy buffet to fill it with whatever they want! And don’t skip out on the chance to deck the buffet table out in Easter decor from top to bottom! 


We hope that all of our kids Easter party ideas help you plan your next party with ease! If you like what you’ve read here on the blog, check out our other party planning posts here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And lastly, if you want to see some of our adorable festive accessories for holidays and birthdays, click here to head over to our Shopify!