Halloween Classroom Decor Ideas for Teachers

Halloween is every kid's favorite holiday, so if you want to boost classroom morale in the middle of the school year, it's time to start planning some Halloween classroom decor! October is one of the hardest times of the schoolyear to be a teacher. You're half way through the fall semester, the beginning of the school year sparkle is wearing off, and Christmas break is on it's way. Pumpkin spice up your classroom with these classroom decor ideas for Halloween to perk your adorable students back up and get them excited to learn again! Keep an eye out for the bonus section at the end of this blog where I cover an additional way to help with classroom management during the Halloween season!

Halloween Classroom Decor Ideas for Teachers

Turn Your Door into Something Spooky! 

Halloween Classroom Decor Ideas for Teachers, Halloween Door Decorations

One super easy way to decorate your classroom for Halloween is to turn your door into something spooky! You could opt for something a bit more funny and cute like the pumpkin faces above, or you could go all out and turn your door into a mummy by covering it in white streamers and adding googly eyes!

Grab Some Pumpkins to Place Around the Classroom!

Halloween Classroom Decor Ideas for teachers, pumpkins for the classroom

Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decorations for any classroom! Pumpkins are the epitome of fall. Get your students excited for Halloween by scattering pumpkins around the classroom. Encourage them to bring in pictures of pumpkins they have carved to hang on the wall or bulletin board as well!

Put up Some Flameless, Black Candles. 

Black flameless candles for the Halloween classroom

These black flameless candles from Walmart would make for such a cute Halloween classroom decoration! Not to mention, they're battery operated, so there is no fire hazard! Only good, pure, Halloween vibes!

Hang Some Cobwebs from the Ceiling!

Cobwebs as Halloween classroom decor for teachers

There's nothing spookier than cobwebs during Halloween! Everyone is afraid of spiders, so spook some of your students with fake cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. They're cheap, easy, and really set the mood!

Put Some Spooky Stickers on Your Windows!

Halloween Window Clings for the classroom

I found these adorable Halloween window stickers on the Six Little Duck's website! They're fun, cute, and not too spooky! The perfect Halloween decor for your classroom! You don't want your kids to be too scared to sit in class, so opt for some cuter, more festive decorations like this!

Don't Walk, but SPRINT to the Nearest Dollar Tree!

Dollar tree is your best friend! Whether you choose to shop online or in store, they have the best prices you'll find and they have ENDLESS Halloween decorations for sale! Dollar Tree is always my first stop on holidays! I love going there and grabbing as much as I can before I head to Michael's to pick up my more expensive decorations!

BONUS: Halloween Party Crowns for Teachers

Our Halloween Party Crowns for Teachers are the perfect Halloween accessory for your classroom! Not only are they super cute, but they can also help with classroom management. Need to get your students to focus? Pull your "Hocus Pocus Everybody Focus" party crown out of your desk to signal that it's time to quiet down and start focusing. Need something cute to wear the day before the long Halloweekend? Whip out your "Trick or Teach" crown for your classroom Halloween Party!

Halloween Party Crown for Teachers | Classroom Management Tools

Halloween Party Crown for Teachers | Classroom Management Tools

Halloween Party Crown for Teachers | Classroom Management Tools

Halloween Party Crown for Teachers | Classroom Management Tools


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