Last Minute 4th of July Party Ideas

The Fourth of July is coming in hot and you don't have a ton of time to prepare for your party anymore! If you're hosting, don't worry! I wrote this blog just for you. Here are some amazing last minute Fourth of July party ideas--from 4th of July outfits, to 4th of July food ideas, to 4th of July decoration ideas--I've covered it all!


Last Minute Fourth of July Outfit Ideas



Have you delayed picking out your 4th of July outfit this year? Are you stressing trying to figure out where you're going to find the perfect red, white, and blue ensemble for Independence Day festivities? Don't worry! I've got you!

What better way to put together a last minute 4th of July outfit than with some adorable, glittery 4th of July party accessories? You know what they say, a party crown is a girl's best friend! These versatile, comfy, and durable Independence Day party headbands are the perfect last minute 4th of July outfit addition! 

If you're looking for the finishing touch or even just something to make your jeans and white tee look more patriotic this year, grab a party crown from my shop and turn heads at your local fireworks show! 


Last Minute Fourth off July Food Ideas


4th of July Hotdogs


Fourth of July food does not have to be super intricate and themed! We all know that there are several American classics like hamburgers and hot dogs! What better way to celebrate the 4th than with a grill out or BBQ?? If you didn't have time to spend days prior to our beloved holiday prepping food or decorating red, white, and blue cupcakes, don't worry! Just run to your local grocery story and grab some hot dogs, burgers, buns & call it a day! 

While you're there, you can even pick up some pre-made 4th of July cupcakes and put them on a cute platter. You'll have everyone fooled thinking that they're homemade & asking, "when did you go to culinary school??" 

Looking for some additional pizazz? Grab some American flag toothpick toppers and make any food you serve look more patriotic and festive! You can find these on Amazon:

Fourth of July Toothpicks


Last Minute Decoration Ideas

Last minute 4th of July decorations can be the hardest thing to figure out! However, decorating doesn't have to be stressful! My favorite last minute holiday hack is ALWAYS the dollar store! 

Your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree will always have basic holiday decorations and necessities. You can pick up 4th of July napkins, placemats, yard flags, streamers, balloons & more from your local dollar store!

Don't have a Dollar Store or Dollar General near you? No worries! You can always check out Party City; however, they tend to be a bit pricier! Worst comes to worst, you can make your own lawn flags with paper, glue, markers, and wooden sticks!


I hope these last minute 4th of July ideas helped you out! If you're a big holiday or party person, you should take a look around the shop! Here at Festivegal, we're your local party gurus! We create holiday, birthday, and bachelorette themed party crowns and hand illustrated greeting cards year round!