My Favorite Baby Shower Party Accessories for Expecting Mothers

Oh baby, baby! Calling all expectant mothers, cool aunts, uncles, and babies! You know what time it is? Baby shower time! Baby showers are so much fun. They’re a wonderful way to celebrate mothers and their new life!

While we're on the topic, I must say, I love baby shower accessories. After all, what’s a party without a crown? A meeting! Here are some of my favorite party accessories for your next baby shower! Whether this is or isn't your first rodeo, these baby shower accessory ideas will totally give you baby fever! 

1. "Mama To Be" Party Crown


This mama to be crown is the perfect accessory! Short and sweet and to the point! She’s the mama to be and today, all eyes on her! This is the perfect addition to any baby shower, whether it’s in person or over Zoom!

2. "Mommy to Be" Party Crown


For the mommy who just can’t wait to be a mother! These mommy to be crowns go with every shower outfit and theme! This crown answers the age old question “who’s your mommy?”, the answer, well whoever wears and wields this crown!

3. "Taco Bout a Baby" Party Crown


 Ain’t no fiesta like a Festive Gal fiesta, because a Festive Gal fiesta are the most fun! Let’s taco bout a baby, your baby! Congrats momma! Today is all about you! Let’s celebrate this baby shower the Festive Gal way!

4. "Oh Baby" Party Crown

Oh baby you look adorable in this crown! Simple and easy and goes with your outfit no matter what trimester you’re in! And the best part, we promise it’ll fit!

Be my little baby! And keep us at Festive Gal in mind when you plan you, or your bestie’s next baby shower! Snap us a pic we love to feature our beautiful customers! We couldn’t do what we do with you! Tag us on Instagram and we'll feature you on our story to show our love! Have an amazing baby shower!