St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

If you’re wondering how to actually celebrate St. Patrick’s day–aside from just wearing green–then we’ve got a treat for you. From meal ideas to accessory ideas, we’ll be covering it all in this blog post. Keep scrolling for some St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas!

Accessories for St. Patrick’s Day

St patricks day party accessories

One of the most important things to remember this St. Patrick’s Day is that you’ve GOTTA wear some green! Fortunately, we’ve got an adorable St. Patrick’s Day collection that will keep you safe from stray pinches and festive as ever! 

Shake Your Shamrock Party Crown

Shake your shamrock st Patricks day party crown


Drink Up Bitches Party Crown

Drink up bitches st patricks day party crown

Kiss Me I'm Irish Party Crown

Kiss me im Irish st patricks day party crown

Traditional Irish Dishes for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

St Patrick's Day party Ideas - Traditional Irish Meals

Most people tend towards green beer and corned beef with cabbage when they think of celebrating an Irish holiday; however, we wanted to present you with a few more authentic options! If you’re a fan of the green beer and corned beef, we’re not here to discourage you! Do whatever makes you happy. But we also encourage you to try something new this year.

Stewed Beef and Lamb

Stewed beef and lamb are a popular dish during Ireland’s St. Patrick’s day celebration. They’re typically paired with Colcannon, an Irish dish made from butter, mashed potatoes, and cabbage folded through. Sounds pretty similar to corned beef and cabbage in retrospect, doesn’t it?

Spring Lamb

St. Patrick’s day marks the season of Spring Lamb! Spring Lamb is a popular staple in Ireland. Around this time of the year, roasts start popping back up as well. A roast could be as simple as a Leg of Lamb with Rosemary or as complicated as you’d like for it to be!

Honorable Mentions:

Soda Bread
Guiness throughout the day
Irish Whiskey to end your day
Shepherds Pie or Fish Pie
Chocolate Butter Pastry Pies

Traditional Irish Activities for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

Traditional Irish Activities for your st patricks day party, croquoet

I’m not sure what a typical St. Patrick’s Day looks like for you; however, I never have any idea what to do with myself on this holiday. I wear green and maybe head to a parade, but then it’s not much more than drinking a Guiness or going to bed! I wanted to spice up my St. Patty’s Day activities this year, so I did a little bit of research into how the Irish celebrate.

Cook Traditional Irish Food with Your Friends & Family

You know all of those recipes I mentioned in the last section? Cooking them together with family and friends would make an amazing St. Patrick’s day activity. For the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is truly about spending time with loved ones. And what better way to do that than spending some time with them in the kitchen! Don’t worry, if cooking isn’t really your thing, we’ve got more ideas. Keep scrolling!

Drown The Shamrock

I’ll let you do your own research into this tradition because it’s got quite the interesting backstory; however, if you’re interested in spending some time with our good ole buddy Whiskey this holiday, this just might be the activity to you! Drowning the shamrock is an Irish tradition that brings good luck. Head to your nearest Irish pub with some shamrocks in your pocket and dunk them into the nearest drink at closing time–if you can stay out that late.

Play a Traditional Irish Game

Spend some time bonding with friends and family over traditional Irish games. There are more than you’d expect! If you’re wanting to spend some time outdoors, try Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball, or Road Bowling. Rather stay inside? Play some Darts, Irish Skittles, Croquet or Rings!

I hope that all of these St. Patrick's Day ideas help you plan your party this year! Wanna keep in touch? Be sure to follow us on Instagram here ! And don't forget to check out our other blog posts! We've got a ton of Bachelorette , Birthday, and Bridal Party tips posted as well as tons of holiday ideas!