The Best Party Favor for Your Kid's Summer Birthday Party

The best party favor for your kid's birthday party is....drum roll....a party headband! Party hats are so yesterday--now, party headbands are all the rage. Kids love them, adults love them, and ours just so happen to be 100% customizable! 

If your kid is having a summer birthday party, you can customize a party headband for them and all of their guests to make them feel extra special on your kid's birthday! Party headbands are also so much easier to wear and preserve than party hats are because they stay on your head naturally and won't rip apart after a single tug or pull. Not to mention, party headbands are so much cuter than party hats! 

Party headbands make an amazing party favor for kids because they're easy to wear and they're fun to look back on! Once your kid's birthday party is over, all of their friends can go home and their mom's can easily add their party headband to a scrapbook, a shadowbox, or memory box. When you give kids traditional party favors like candy, gum, or small toys, they're gone in an instant; however, with a party crown, you can cherish childhood memories forever!

Here are a couple of birthday party headbands that we offer in the shop!

Happy Birthday Headband

Kid's birthday party favor Happy birthday party headband

This generic "Happy Birthday" party headband is perfect for any kid's birthday party! It also makes an amazing party favor! Make all the kid's at your child's birthday party feel like absolute royalty with these adorable "Happy Birthday" party headbands! Grab yours here!

Customizable Age Birthday Headband

 Birthday party favors for kids

These customizable age "Birthday Princess" headbands are also an adorable party favor option! The "Birthday Princess" is a great option especially if your daughter is a big Disney Princess fan! Make her and all of her friends feel like the birthday princesses that they are in these adorable birthday party accessories! Who wouldn't want to take one of these home? They're so cute! Click here to grab your own!

The Fully Customizable Party Headband!

 Customizable party favors and customizable party accessories

Yes you heard me correctly! These party headbands are totally customizable! From the type to the color, it's all you! These party headbands are truly the perfect kids party favors because you can match them perfectly to the theme of your child's birthday party! Swimming party? Grab a dozen custom crowns that read, "Kelly's Beach Bash" or "Lifeguard on Duty." Make them as funny or as cute as you'd like! Your kids and all of their friends will absolutely love these adorable party favors! Grab a few from the shop now!