Top 3 Fourth of July Accessories

Summer is here and we're all itching to party! Last year was the year of quarantine holiday's--we all had to stay in and protect our loved ones by isolating ourselves. However, the pandemic is slowly but surely coming to a close & this year, we're able to celebrate the Fourth of July in style! What better way to celebrate Independence Day that with some adorable, sparkly party crowns? I'm going to cover my top 3 fave Fourth of July party accessories, so if you're looking for the perfect Fourth of July outfit, keep on reading!


1. "Oh my Stars" Party Crown

Coming in hot at number one is this ADORABLE "Oh My Stars" party crown! If you're trying to figure out what to wear to your annual fireworks show, quit stressing because this glittery silver party headband will match ANY outfit you pair it with! Not only is this party crown super cute, but it is also super comfy! 


2. "Baby I'm a Firework" Party Crown

Who doesn't love fireworks on the Fourth of July? They're a yearly staple for our favorite patriotic holiday! This party headband is my second fave Independence Day party accessory for obvious reasons--it's adorable AND versatile! Who needs to spend hours trying to find a red, white, and blue outfit for the 4th when they can just throw on this crown? 


3. "Happy 4th" Party Crown

Happy 4th of July Party Crown

Coming in at number 3 on my list of best Fourth of July accessories is a classic: the "Happy 4th" party headband! If you like to keep it traditional and want to make everyone around you feel more patriotic on the 4th, this party crown is PERFECT for you! This "Happy 4th" party crown will have everyone asking you where they can get their own for next year! Get ready to turn heads at your local Independence Day block party with this stylish 4th of July accessory!


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