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      How to Throw An Amazing Graduation Party For Your Grad

      How to Throw An Amazing Graduation Party For Your Grad

      Every spring, we start hearing the Graduation March play in our heads, and our inboxes fill up with grad announcements and grad party invites. This year is proving to be no different, in fact graduates this year are even MORE excited to celebrate their accomplishments, considering the challenging past few years they’ve been through. Graduation parties can be a little tricky to throw, because there usually isn’t an obvious theme. And if this is your first time hosting a grad party, good luck! I mean, what type of food do you serve? What time of day should the party be held? So. Many. Questions. Fortunately for you, we’re grad party experts! We’ll walk you through everything you need to throw an amazing graduation party to celebrate your grad. I hope you’re ready to take notes, let’s get right to it!

      Graduation Accessories & Gifts

      Hmmmm… what do you give a 2022 graduate? This question always seems to be one of the most-searched terms annually between May and June. Well, we checked with some 2022 graduates to find out exactly what they want! 

      Hello Fresh Meal Box Subscription

      Get your grad started with healthy eating with Hello Fresh, the #1 mealbox kit in the world. They offer 15-20 meal options per week, and all of their fresh ingredients arrive to your door within 7 days of harvesting them! Plus, your grad will learn so many cooking techniques from this box, it’s a gift that will pay for itself!

      Homesick Candle

      Is your grad moving far away for school next year? Send them off with a little piece of home with one of the Homesick Candles. This super-popular range of soy-based candles has a scent for every single state, several major cities, and other scent memories your grad will love experiencing. Plus, they’re super affordable– grab one for yourself while you’re at it!

      OurPlace Always Pan

      If your grad will be moving to their first home (or a new place) after graduating, save them the hassle of buying a full set of new pans with the Always Pan. It replaces 8 cookware pieces, is made of nontoxic materials, and has a super nonstick formula. They’ll thank you forever! 

      And as for graduation accessories, celebrate your grad the right way with some fun graduation accessories! Festivegal’s line of 2022 graduation party crowns are comfortable, easy to wear, and go with just about anything! Grab a bunch for everyone to get in on the fun at the graduation party! Want something one-of-a-kind? We’ll work with you to create a fully custom party crown just for you!

      Graduation Decoration Ideas

      Skip the boring graduation banner, it’s time to get creative with the decoration ideas this year! Everyone wants photo-worthy decor, so start slaying it with a gold “2022” 40-in. balloon set! It’s perfect for above the buffet table, near the entrance, or even for the photo booth! One nice thing about graduation party decorations is that you can make a lot of them yourself!

      We love creating custom pennant flag-straws, graduation cap cookies, and even graduation centerpieces filled with old (and current) photos of the graduate! Since there isn’t really a specific theme here, our best advice is to pick a color scheme and stick to it! Some grads like their colors to be their alma mater, the future school, or simply something classic like black and gold. Regardless, stick to these colors to keep things from looking too mismatched!

      Graduation Party Food & Drink Ideas

      Deciding what to serve at the graduation party really depends on a few things. How many people are invited? When will the party occur? Where will the party occur? Generally, most graduation parties are around that Happy Hour time of 4-6, so it’s a good idea to serve appetizers, light bites, and refreshments. Of course, serving a cute dessert, like themed cupcakes or a cake, is a must during a graduation party, so leave room for that! We’ve also seen grads celebrate with a graduation brunch or a graduation garden tea (best suited for smaller groups). 

      Graduation Party Activities

      While graduation parties are usually an open-house style, it’s always good to have a few activities just in case things seem to slow down. We love anything that nods to the graduate’s past, so if they participated in sports in school, you could include a soccer ball, or some tennis rackets, for guests to enjoy outside.

      Also, a yearbook-style guest book with photos and mementos of the grad through the years is a great way to have guests give their well-wishes. For the most part, graduation parties will usually center around food, and speaking with the graduates themselves. Plus, a lot of folks will probably be hopping from one grad party to another (we’ve been there), so don’t worry if the party is kept to a 2-3 hour timeframe. Most guests will probably prefer it that way! 

      We hope that you’re ready to go plan an amazing party for your grad, with tons of new ideas and inspiration from us! We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this grad season. Click here for more party advice, tips, and inspiration! Follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date with our new product launches! 

      Congratulations, Class of 2022!

      Xoxo, Festivegal

      How to Throw Your Own Summer Fiesta

      How to Throw Your Own Summer Fiesta

      It’s time to grab your guac, chips and some tequila because today we’re talking all about how to throw your own summer fiesta! You may be wondering, “Why a summer fiesta?” Well, not only is it a super easy party theme but also, everyone loves Mexican food! Plus, there’s SO much color involved, so it’s the perfect summer celebration! Essentially, a fiesta means a festival, party, or celebration, especially in Mexico! Usually, fiestas are marked with bright colors, music, balloons, and of course, delicious food!

      We’re strong believers that you don’t need a specific reason to throw a fiesta, simply throwing a fiesta to celebrate the start of summer is reason enough! Are you ready to host your very own fiesta? Pour yourself a fresh marg and browse our summer fiesta guide to make sure you have everything you need!

      Accessories for Your Fiesta

      It’s not a fiesta without some festive themed accessories! Whether you’re going for an elegant, upscale fiesta celebration or a full-on fiesta rager, you definitely need to add some accessories to your party planning. Our favorite fiesta accessories? Fiesta party crowns that come in a wide range of bright colors! Perfect for your fiesta-goers of all ages, our customizable party crowns are fun, comfortable, and make great favors for your guests to take home. Festivegal has tons of fun party crowns, like “Margarita Squad” (for the grownups) and “Fiesta Then Siesta” (for the kids)! We even have a fully customizable option, if you’d rather create your own matching party crowns for your summer fiesta. And DONT forget about our adorable mini sombreros!

      Don’t pass up on the chance to decorate your space with TONS of bold colors! Use balloons, streamers, flower pots, flowers (real or fake) and even succulent arrangements to bring life to your fiesta space. 

      Food for Your Fiesta

      One of our favorite parts of party planning is deciding on a menu. Lucky for you, the fiesta theme is pretty vague, so there are plenty of food options you can serve for your summer fiesta! For larger groups, why not try a DIY taco/burrito bar? Or, if you’d prefer to have plated food, nachos, empanadas, and taquitos are great options too! For dessert, how about serving mini churros with a chocolate fountain, or a Tres Leches cake?

      As far as serving the food, we love the idea of using as much brightly colored dishware as possible. Want to go one step further? Add a row of pom pom ribbon to the base of every serving dish for a particularly festive look!

      And no fiesta is complete without some signature drinks! Opt for a margarita mix to keep things simple, and be sure to offer some non-alcoholic beverages as well. Agua frescas are a great way to keep guests refreshed and cool in the hot summer months. 

      Activities for Your Fiesta

      Aside from the obvious Piñata and swimming, we suggest making sure guests have a designated fiesta photo spot with a fiesta photo booth! Whether you want to actually set up a photo booth or simply have a backdrop and some props, guests will love taking fun pictures to commemorate your summer fiesta celebration. Don’t forget to offer plenty of photo booth accessories (if you need a reminder, check out the accessories section above) for your guests to change up their look for each photo!

      Another great fiesta activity (for a 21+ party) is a tequila tasting! Whether you choose to bring in an expert for the party or host it yourself (after some Googling), your guests will love trying the different tequila flavors and learning a bit more about the origin of tequila! 

      We hope that this post gave you some great ideas to start planning your own summer fiesta! Whether your party will be for all ages, or just adults, your guests will have a blast celebrating summer with some great food and bright decor. If you enjoyed this post, check out more party inspiration here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And lastly, if you want to see more of our party crown accessories, click here to view our Shopify!

      Xoxo Festivegal

      How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

      How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

      Mother’s Day is right around the corner–May 8! We think moms deserve to feel special every day, but that’s especially the case on Mother’s Day! From sending flowers to writing a special card to gifting her a special experience, there are so many unique ways you can celebrate your mom this year. Whether you’re going to spend time with your mom in-person, or send her a gift from wherever you are, we have some ideas on how to make sure she feels special this Mother’s Day. 

      Grab Her a Mother’s Day Crown

      mother's day gift ideas festivegal party crowns for mom

      Of course, no Mother’s Day celebration is complete without fun party accessories like party crowns! Perfect for reminding her that she’s the “Best Mom Ever” or give her permission to be the “Queen of Everything” for the day with one of Festivegal’s adorable crowns! Not only will these crowns make her smile, but they’re perfect for everyone to get in on the celebration! Buy several and hand them out to your family before your Mother’s Day brunch as a fun surprise for your mom, or get a custom one made just for her. Party crowns also make a great memorable keepsake for mom to put in her scrapbook or a shadow box! 


      Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch

      Mother's Day Brunch

      Brunch and Mother’s Day celebrations just seem to naturally go hand-in-hand, don’t they? If you’re going to be spending Mother’s Day with your mom in-person (or via a virtual Zoom-type situation), plan a Mother’s Day brunch! You could take this several different ways: at-home brunch cooked by you, a brunch outing at a local favorite restaurant, or a virtual brunch. We love easy brunch food like scrambled eggs, bagels, waffles, and mimosas, of course!

      If your family lives nearby, invite them to brunch too and celebrate all together! Don’t feel like cooking/cleanup? Keep it simple and invite everyone out to a local restaurant for brunch. One tip- make sure you reserve WELL in advance, because popular brunch spots tend to get booked up for Mother’s Day. Nothing is worse than showing up with the whole fam, expecting to just get seated, and being turned away because you don’t have a res! 

      Write Her a Sweet Letter

      If your mom isn’t a fan of being the center of attention, or if you won’t get to spend Mother’s Day with her in-person this year, one of the best things you can give her is a heartfelt letter. Not only will she love receiving a handwritten letter (I mean, who writes or receives handwritten letters anymore), but she’ll love that she can read it over and over again whenever she needs some sweet words or loving reminders. Feeling extra creative? Add some hand drawn designs on the back, or include some photo prints (Polaroids or standard-size) to the letter to add even more personalized touches! 

      Get Her a Thoughtful Gift

      Mother's Day Gift ideas

      Finding a Mother’s Day gift always seems to be a little tricky, especially because it’s already hard enough to find the perfect birthday and Christmas gift. So, we’ve got some easy, thoughtful gift ideas that are perfect for Mother’s Day. If your mom is the sentimental type, we love gifts like a custom hand-painted home illustration, or a cute beaded bracelet with a great saying, like this one! Is she more the pampering type? How about a super cozy bathrobe she’ll want to wear all day, a bougie towel warmer, or our favorite Vitamin C serum? And finally, if your mom is a culinary aficionado, she’ll love receiving a goody box of all sorts of elevated pantry essentials, or the Insta-famous Caraway cooking set

      We hope that all of our end of year party themes and activity ideas help you plan your last few weeks of school with a bang! If you enjoyed this post, check out our other classroom party ideas here! Wanna keep in touch? Follow us on Instagram! And lastly, if you want to see the rest of our classroom party crown accessories, click here to view our Shopify!


      Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Itinerary

      Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Itinerary

      Planning a final fiesta themed bachelorette trip? Here are some great destination ideas as well as a few adorable places to stay and dine out while you're partying!

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